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Welcome to Virtuoso Music .
We provide in-home music lessons, performance opportunities, and community services in all major instruments and voice. More than just lessons, we bring the music community to you.
Superior Learning Experience
Discover how we have built our reputation for excellence and value
  • More than 100 highly qualified and passionate teachers who make lessons fun
  • Unique music program designed to save you money
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date in the music community
  • Free recitals twice each year - relaxed affairs for all ages
  • Music festivals offering judged performances and nationally-recognized awards
  • Free introductory lesson, and no long-term commitments
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"Virtuoso Music is the best in the business! Great service, excellent teachers - recitals are fun..."
        - Julie S.

"Very pleased with our current teacher - she is wonderful! We have seen great improvement in our daughter's piano skills."
        - Ruth W.

"I am very impressed at the level of teaching that Virtuoso has supplied..."
        - Ginny B.

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